Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ninja Warrior

I am practicing to be a Ninja Warrior.

It requires daily routine, strength training, and stressing Mom out that I'm going to get stitches before I turn one.

Swing Time

Mom took me to the park she went to when she was little.  We tried out the swings.  Look, I'm just a little Bean, and these were some big, high swings.  So I was a bit skeptical at first.

Luckily, Cousin Nicholas was with me to help show me the ropes.


I decided it was kinda fun.

And I'm now a professional park-going-swing-swinging Bean!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Wild Wild West

Remember how I was way too busy this summer to give my fans updates?  Well, it snowed today which means I have a lot more inside time to kill.  That and Mom found her camera cord.

Once upon a time I had a super cool Great-Grandma (Nana), and she lived in a far away land called California.  Mom loves the beach and Dad had never been to Cali, so I decided I'd take them with me on a grand adventure.

First, I wore my best preppy outfit for the plane ride to impress the ladies.

I was a flying champion.  Mom fell in love with me even more because I snuggled with her for 3 hours.  When we got to Nana's, I stripped it down because it was 95 degrees and there is no air conditioning.

Then, it was time to sport my beach duds.  I'm the coolest surfer EVER.

At first I was a bit skeptical of this "Ocean" thingy.  

But then Grandma took me to dip my toes in and I decided it was just like a ginormous bathtub.  And I LOVE bath time!

So much, in fact, that Daddy took me out to the really big waves!  I shrieked and giggled.  It was amazing.
 The sun and waves are really tiring, so I had to take plenty of rests on the beach blanket.

Don't worry, resting time didn't get wasted.  I worked on my reading skills, cause Mom says that is what she likes to do after shark dodging.

I even changed into my special crab outfit for the occassion.  It's important to be dressed appropriately you know.  That and I pooped in my swim diaper.

Life wasn't all just fun in the sun.  Daddy, Mommy, Papa and Grandma all went to a baseball game at Petco Stadium.  Us boys were pumped - and mom too - cause Papa taught her how to like baseball when she was a bitum like me.

Like my new hat?  I have to grow into it.  

We did something fun everyday, but the bestest fun was Disneyland!  Mom snuggled me all day and took me on lots of rides!  I would have totes gone on the Matterhorn, but it was closed.  Lame.  

California is my favorite.  I wanna go back, but next time, I want Nana to be there.  And I want to not get roundworm.  

Friday, October 18, 2013

Funny Faces

I have a new friend.  I call him tongue.

He likes to be sticking out at least 97.65% of every day.  Including during meal time.

But I mix up my style a little.  You know, to keep it entertaining.


So, I'm a social little Bean.  I like most peeps.  And Mom is always "Bean, you have to be kind to everyone."

Today I totally took her advice.  I have a friend who I'll call "R" cause I don't want him to be cranky that he's famous on the internet.

First I was all - hey friend, cool hat.

Then I was like.hmmm.  I know how to be kind!  I will eat R.

Finally, I went in for the kill.  So yea.  "Be kind" translated into "I'm a gonna eat your head."

I think I might be in trouble.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Apples, Pumpkins and Hay Rides, Oh My!

My family does some cool things every once in a while.  This time we all went to an apple orchard to pick apples!  Mom says she has gone every year since she was born.  That's like eleventy billion years times infinity.

This place ALSO had pumpkins, which, unfortunately, Mom discovered before we got there. 

This meant I had to sport a pumpkin shirt all day (she couldn't find an apple one, thank goodness!)

She made me pose for a few.  And by a few I mean HUNDREDS.

She proceeded to torture my cousins too.

There were some cool things to do there.  Like see animals and eat leaves.

I made mom sport me around while we picked apples because I didn't want to crawl in worms.

Chris taught me the art of sampling.

We posed for more pictures.

And then I picked my first apple!!  It was awesome.

We wrapped up by finding a Bean sized pumpkin

And then got one family shot because Mom accosted a stranger.

I heart the apple orchard.  I wanna go back 5 more times.  Maybe 9.

Eight is Great

Well hey peeps!  Another month, another round...
I was really kind of a pickle for Mom.  I didn't wanna hold still because I have mad crawling skills to show off.  There's no time to sit and smile!

I finally stopped for a moment when Mom started with the funny noises.  They get me every time!


Then I even agreed to take a sign picture.  JUST one though.  Don't get greedy Mom!